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The presents of Asbestos, or the potential thereof, can drastically impact renovation and demolition schedules, or the safety of your home or work environments. By taking a proactive approach, you can avoid the accidental release of asbestos in your home or work environments and job sites. Avoiding unplanned, and costly, delays on renovation or demolition projects due to enforcement by compliance.
Asbestos Management Plans (Asbestos Control Plan)
As stated in Manitoba regulations (Guide for Asbestos Management, May 2017), an asbestos control plan must be developed and implanted when Asbestos Containing Materials are present, or are suspected to be present, in a workplace, work place location, building or structure (site).

An Asbestos Management Plan is a document that identify potential asbestos containing materials at a site. The implantation of an Asbestos Management Plan will assist in preventing the release of asbestos fibers by minimizing their disturbance; through education and development of procedures, and protect the safety and heath of workers in the event an asbestos fibre release occurs.
Asbestos Containing Material Survey
Asbestos Containing Material Surveys are generally completed prior the commencement of renovation or demolition actives at a property; identifying asbestos containing materials through the collection of samples which are submitted for laboratory analysis. An Asbestos Containing Materials Survey will include the following components;
  • Identify materials suspect to contain asbestos within the property of interest;
  • Conduct representative bulk sampling of materials suspected to contain asbestos to supplement observations at the site; 
  • Submit the bulk samples to an accredited lab, under chain of custody protocol, for analysis of asbestos. and;
  • Provide a report outlining our findings, and provide recommendations regarding the management or removal of asbestos in accordance with any future renovations or alterations at the Site.
Asbestos Containing Material Surveys help mitigate the risk of accidental expose of asbestos by providing recommendations for their removal, while in correlation meeting regulatory requirements. Surveys can be comprehensive or limited to meet the need of each project scope.
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